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Don't think you can control the blood pressure Everything will be fine. withdrawal!

Le 17 novembre 2017, 06:57 dans Humeurs 0

Mr. Chen, who often went to the hospital for half a year before dizziness and his blood pressure was 160/100 mm Hg (mmHg), gave him 1 months of antihypertensive drugs. He persisted in measuring blood pressure during the medication and was controlled within the normal range. After the antihypertensive drugs were finished, Mr. Chen felt his blood pressure had been controlled, and nothing happened. He stopped taking medicine and taking blood pressure. He didn't go to the hospital to consult a doctor. Unexpectedly, stop the drug less than half a month, Mr. Chen appeared dizziness, until recently worsened, fell ill on the job, was admitted to the hospital for treatment, to save lives.

Similar to Chen's situation in many patients with hypertension occurred, many people without permission to stop drugs, no law, do not adhere to monitor blood pressure, laissez faire bad habits, etc., the fundamental reason is not well aware of the importance of self-management of hypertension.

You know, hypertension is not the common cold fever, such a disease, drug cured after Everything will be fine.. It is a common chronic disease in clinic. The so-called "chronic disease" refers to a disease that is not cured after the onset of disease and needs long-term treatment and control. Therefore, after suffering from hypertension, in addition to regularly to the hospital for medical examination and treatment, more importantly, patients need to do in the daily life of blood pressure monitoring and health self-management.

The treatment of hypertension is not accomplished overnight, and requires long-term treatment and care. Some patients did not follow the doctor's advice for treatment, but after symptoms disappeared or disappeared, continue to drug treatment, which led to the disease is not completely controlled to a stable state, easy to relapse or even aggravating. You know, there is a class of hypertension called asymptomatic hypertension, its concealment is stronger, with more terrible risk. Therefore, we must not be taken lightly, we must regularly visit, consult a doctor.

Some patients want to increase the blood pressure quickly dropped to normal level, this is unrealistic, because the body has adapted to high blood pressure, if the decline is too fast will cause the body does not adapt, but the emergence of new symptoms, organ blood supply will be damaged. Therefore, the treatment should start from a small dose of antihypertensive drugs, make blood pressure slow and stable decline, let the body get new adaptation and balance, and timely adjustment and maintenance of medication, adhere to the treatment.

Overwork will cause fatigue, may cause high blood pressure. For middle-aged and elderly patients with hypertension, to avoid excessive fatigue, especially mental fatigue is particularly important. Therefore, in daily life, we should try to avoid long time reading, writing and using the brain to avoid long time meeting, conversation and so on. No matter what activities, as long as the emergence of fatigue, hypertension patients should stop activities, immediately rest. When the occurrence of headache, dizziness, fatigue or chest tightness and other discomfort, should explain the situation to the people around, don't force support.


They eat too much food, which is bad for digestion

Le 9 novembre 2017, 05:07 dans Humeurs 0

There are a lot of people because of work reasons to run around outside, especially men, sometimes too busy, often do not pay attention to diet, for a long time, there will inevitably be a bad stomach, indigestion, The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!so what should eat to help digestion?




What does male indigestion eat?




1, hawthorn




Hawthorn is really a very good fruit, acid, with digestion of food, loose blood, and help digestion effect. Hawthorn contains a variety of organic acids, such as hawthorn acid, and contains lipase, which can enhance the function of enzymes, promote digestion of meat, and contribute to cholesterol transformation.




2 tomatoes




Tomatoes contain a special ingredient, lycopene, which helps digestion, diuresis, and helps digest fat in gastric juice. Lycopene also inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.








3, orange peel




The main promoting effect of orange peel on digestion is that the volatile oil contained in it can stimulate the digestive tract, increase the secretion of gastric juice and promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines.




4, yogurt




Lactic acid can promote the secretion of gastric acid, enough gastric acid, can promote the decomposition of food, thereby increasing appetite. Lactic acid can also inhibit the growth of mold, can prevent the bacteria caused by drug imbalance.




5, apple




Apple contains tannic acid, organic alkali and other substances have the role of convergence, the pectin can absorb toxins. For simple mild diarrhea, single eating apples can be antidiarrheal, apple contains cellulose can stimulate peristalsis, accelerate defecation, it also has laxative effect.




Male indigestion avoid what?




1, avoid eating food containing protein and calcium too much




Milk and dairy products, lean meat, fish, small shrimp skin, egg yolk, egg, salted egg, animal cartilage, beans, bean products, kelp, seaweed and other proteins or containing large amounts of calcium, if excessive intake will make the stool alkaline, dry and less difficult to discharge, so should be reduced edible.




2, avoid hard greasy food




Hard but not greasy food digestion, after eating will aggravate the disease, should not eat.




3, avoid alcohol and tobacco and spicy stimulation of food




4, avoid eating glutinous rice for a long time




Glutinous rice contains a large amount of dextrin, strong viscosity, swelling is small, not easy to digest. Indigestion, long-term eating glutinous rice, will aggravate the disease.




5, avoid flatulence indigestion food




Dry beans, onions, potatoes, potatoes and sweets should be properly controlled, so as not to affect the movement of the stomach, and aggravating symptoms.


This is the opening of the address

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Longan is delicious, but it should not be eaten under these conditions!

Longan is a common fruit, dried longan is also a very popular dried fruit snacks, rich in nutrition, many benefits. However, An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn't that irritating? So, it's always better to buy an oil vape pen battery from reputed online sites!eating longan also pay attention to, take a look at it.


First, women eat longan benefits


1. warm up: drink more longan tea can improve mental health, improve cold physique.


2.: Chinese women breast said the main blood, eat garden woman, ruddy, plump, so a lot of breast feeding, with longan as collocation.


3. sleep: Traditional Chinese medicine said longan has sedative, nourishing the heart, spleen and blood function, very suitable for long-term insomnia eating.


4. blood: to improve cardiovascular circulation, stable state of mind, relieve stress and tension. Longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, protein and a variety of vitamins and trace elements, has a good role in nourishing and invigorating, can be used for the treatment of weak or mental decline after the disease, women in postpartum rehabilitation is also very appropriate.




Two, pregnant women should not eat longan


Longan contains vitamins, glucose, sucrose and other substances, rich nutrition, invigorating the nerves, nourishing spleen. But the temperature is hot, all Yin deficiency, internal heat constitution and suffering from heat disease are unfit for eating. Pregnant women, virtual Yin Xue, deficiency of the breeding of heat, so pregnant women tend to have dry stool, dry mouth and fetal heat, the symptom of liver meridian.


Chinese medicine has always advocated should Taiqian Qingreliangxue, longans sweet, such as pregnant women eat longan, not only can't defend, but prone to leakage red, abdominal pain and other symptoms of threatened abortion.


Three, should not eat longan situation


1, longan is rich in sugar, so people with diabetes are not suitable for taking longan longan or soaked in water to drink.


2, longan sex fever, so some people suffering from acne, redness and swelling is not suitable for taking;


3, women suffering from gynecological diseases are not suitable for taking, such as pelvic inflammatory disease or urethritis of women, it is best to eat less, to avoid exacerbations.


4, in daily life, if the menstrual amount of women is more, then the best not to take longan, otherwise prone to bleeding situation.


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